At Kinetic Physiotherapy & Massage in Maple Ridge, our Treatment Philosophy emphasizes quality care with your Physiotherapist….

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Why are we Different?

We are a boutique style Physiotherapy clinic that focusses solely on One-To-One treatment with our patients! This philosophy allows us to spend more time on establishing treatment plans to address and eliminate your pain!

What do we do?

  • 45-60 minute One-To-One Physiotherapy Appointments
  • Private Treatment Rooms
  • Hands On Treatment
  • Speciality Treatment (IMS & Acupuncture)
  • Sports Rehabilitation
  • Customized Exercise Programs

Our Services

Sports Physiotherapy
Manual therapy
Intra-Muscular Stimulation
Customized Exercise Programs
Stretch Therapy


Maple Ridge Physiotherapist

Kevin is the founder of Kinetic Physiotherapy in Maple Ridge, BC. Kevin has obtained both a Bachelor Degree in Kinesiology

Direct Billing

Follow this link to our Patient Information section for details on companies we can directly bill to as well as documents needed for direct billing. Please note that we will not be able to directly bill your insurance company unless you have completed the necessary paperwork (located in the Patient Information section) prior to your appointment.

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